Power Up

your retrospectives

with our interactive Atlassian Jira tool, that empowers collaboration and maximises the effectiveness of your team.

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Power Retro project setup

Power up your retrospectives in Jira with simple setup, customisable templates and loads of options for your retro events.


  • seamless integration
  • user friendly setup
  • customisable templates
  • idea backlog for efficiency
  • lobby screen to gather your team
  • grouping for similar ideas
Power Retro Customizable Templates
Power Retro Project View

Improve your workflow

  • easy to use voting system
  • turning action items directly into Jira tickets
  • comprehensive summaries with export options(s)
  • and loads of event options to tailor the retro events to your needs

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Project financed from the NRDI fund

“Project no. 2020-1.1.1-KKV START has been implemented with the support provided by the Ministry of Innovation and Technology of Hungary from the National Research, Development and Innovation Fund, financed under the Olyan Atlassian Marketplace kiegészítő létrehozása, amely segít a csapatoknak retrospektív elemek létrehozásában, rendszerezésében és követésében funding scheme.”

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